Idocs Guide to HTML
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Example of LINK tag

Mosaic for Win95 is one of the few browsers which recognizes this tag. If you use Mosaic for Win95, you should see a "link bar", probably at the top of this page. These are the tags used for this page:

<TITLE>Document Tags</TITLE>

<LINK REL=HOME       TITLE="Idocs Home Page"   HREF="">
<LINK REL=PREVIOUS   TITLE="URLs"                 HREF="../urls/">
<LINK REL=NEXT       TITLE="Lines and Paragraphs" HREF="../linepar/">
<LINK REV=MADE       TITLE="Miko O'Sullivan"      HREF="">
<LINK REL=COPYRIGHT  TITLE="copyright info"       HREF="copyright.html">
<LINK REL=STYLESHEET TITLE="style sheet"          HREF="stdstyles.css">


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