Idocs Guide to HTML

Rollover Submit Image: Other Settings

By default, all the rollover submit script requires is the sources of the "over" and "out" images and a nickname for the image. The script allows you to set a few other optional settings as well:

<FORM ACTION="../cgi-bin/" NAME="myform">
email: <INPUT NAME="email">

<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript">
var sr = new submitroll("submit.out.gif","submit.over.gif","mysubmit");



The code here is almost the same as in our previous example. This time we've just added a few lines.

By default the alternate text for the image is Submit Query. In our example above, sr.alt="OK"; sets the alternate text as "OK" to match the text in the image.

sr.width=60; and sr.height=60; set the width and height of the image.

Finally, the script gives an opportunity to add some attributes to the <IMG ...> tag. In this the form looks better if the text field is aligned with the top of the image instead of the bottom so we add sr.otheratts="ALIGN=TOP";.

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