This frame was set using <FRAME FRAMEBORDER=NO>. If you want frames with no borders, however, you may wish to see No Borders Between Frames.

If you are interested in the FRAMEBORDER attribute for <FRAME ...>, it was used in this manner to create the frames here:

<FRAMESET ROWS="*,40%,30%,*,*">
     <FRAME SRC="fbRow1.html">
     <FRAME SRC="fbRow2.html" FRAMEBORDER=NO>
     <FRAME SRC="fbRow3.html" FRAMEBORDER=NO>
     <FRAME SRC="fbRow4.html">
     <FRAME SRC="fbRow5.html">



There should be no border between this frame and the frame above, though there may be an empty space between them. Copyright 1997-2002 Idocs Inc. Content in this guide is offered freely to the public under the terms of the Open Content License and the Open Publication License. Contents may be redistributed or republished freely under these terms so long as credit to the original creator and contributors is maintained.