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Table Borders: Borders Between Groups of Rows

Sometimes the table looks better if there are borders only between groups of rows. To do this we'll use some HTML 4.0 markup added just for that purpose. Note that currently only MSIE supports borders between groups of rows.

First we'll add a RULES attribute to the <TABLE ...> tag. We'll set RULES to GROUPS to indicate that the borders should go only between groups, not between every cell:


Now that we've indicated that the borders should go between groups we need to designate the groups themselves. To designate groups of rows we'll use the <THEAD ...>, <TBODY ...>, and <TFOOT ...> tags. These three tags indicate different major sections of the table. <THEAD ...> designates the head section which is usually where you put column headers. <TBODY ...> indicates the main body of the table. <TFOOT ...> sets the bottom section where you put totals and other summary information.

So, for example, the following code creates a table header section with the weekday, date, manager and quantity. The table body section has several rows of data and is followed by a table footer. HTML 4.0 compliant visual browsers will render the table with borders after the first row and before the last row.


<TR> <TH>Weekday</TH> <TH>Date</TH> <TH>Manager</TH> <TH>Qty</TH> </TR>

<TR> <TD>Mon</TD> <TD>09/11</TD> <TD>Kelsey</TD>  <TD>639</TD>  </TR>
<TR> <TD>Tue</TD> <TD>09/12</TD> <TD>Lindsey</TD> <TD>596</TD>  </TR>
<TR> <TD>Wed</TD> <TD>09/13</TD> <TD>Randy</TD>   <TD>1135</TD> </TR>
<TR> <TD>Thu</TD> <TD>09/14</TD> <TD>Susan</TD>   <TD>1002</TD> </TR>
<TR> <TD>Fri</TD> <TD>09/15</TD> <TD>Randy</TD>   <TD>908</TD>  </TR>
<TR> <TD>Sat</TD> <TD>09/16</TD> <TD>Lindsey</TD> <TD>371</TD>  </TR>
<TR> <TD>Sun</TD> <TD>09/17</TD> <TD>Susan</TD>   <TD>272</TD>  </TR>

<TR> <TH ALIGN=LEFT COLSPAN=3>Total</TH> <TH>4923</TH> </TR>


which gives us this table:

Weekday Date Manager Qty
Mon 09/11 Kelsey 639
Tue 09/12 Lindsey 596
Wed 09/13 Randy 1135
Thu 09/14 Susan 1002
Fri 09/15 Randy 908
Sat 09/16 Lindsey 371
Sun 09/17 Susan 272
Total 4923

There should only be one <THEAD ...> and one <TFOOT ...>. (You can also leave them out altogether.) However, you can have multiple <TBODY ...> sections. Borders will go between the <TBODY ...> sections. So, for example, this table has three <TBODY ...> sections:


<TR> <TH>Weekday</TH> <TH>Date</TH>  <TH>Manager</TH> </TR>

<TR> <TD>Monday</TD>    <TD>09/11/2000</TD> <TD>Kelsey</TD>  </TR>
<TR> <TD>Tuesday</TD>   <TD>09/12/2000</TD> <TD>Lindsey</TD> </TR>
<TR> <TD>Wednesday</TD> <TD>09/13/2000</TD> <TD>Randy</TD>   </TR>
<TR> <TD>Thursday</TD>  <TD>09/14/2000</TD> <TD>Susan</TD>   </TR>
<TR> <TD>Friday</TD>    <TD>09/15/2000</TD> <TD>Randy</TD>   </TR>
<TR> <TD>Saturday</TD>  <TD>09/16/2000</TD> <TD>Lindsey</TD> </TR>
<TR> <TD>Sunday</TD>    <TD>09/17/2000</TD> <TD>Susan</TD>   </TR>

<TR> <TD>Monday</TD>    <TD>09/18/2000</TD> <TD>Melody</TD>     </TR>
<TR> <TD>Tuesday</TD>   <TD>09/19/2000</TD> <TD>Christiane</TD> </TR>
<TR> <TD>Wednesday</TD> <TD>09/20/2000</TD> <TD>Symphony</TD>   </TR>
<TR> <TD>Thursday</TD>  <TD>09/21/2000</TD> <TD>Starflower</TD> </TR>
<TR> <TD>Friday</TD>    <TD>09/22/2000</TD> <TD>Miko</TD>       </TR>
<TR> <TD>Saturday</TD>  <TD>09/23/2000</TD> <TD>Cleo</TD>       </TR>
<TR> <TD>Sunday</TD>    <TD>09/24/2000</TD> <TD>Alyx</TD>       </TR>

<TR> <TD>Monday</TD>    <TD>09/25/2000</TD> <TD>Dancing Star</TD> </TR>
<TR> <TD>Tuesday</TD>   <TD>09/26/2000</TD> <TD>Dawn</TD>         </TR>
<TR> <TD>Wednesday</TD> <TD>09/27/2000</TD> <TD>Josh</TD>         </TR>
<TR> <TD>Thursday</TD>  <TD>09/28/2000</TD> <TD>Ryan</TD>         </TR>
<TR> <TD>Friday</TD>    <TD>09/29/2000</TD> <TD>Mary Kay</TD>     </TR>
<TR> <TD>Saturday</TD>  <TD>09/30/2000</TD> <TD>Hallie</TD>       </TR>
<TR> <TD>Sunday</TD>    <TD>10/01/2000</TD> <TD>Paul</TD>         </TR>


which gives us this table:

Weekday Date Manager
Monday 09/11/2000 Kelsey
Tuesday 09/12/2000 Lindsey
Wednesday 09/13/2000 Randy
Thursday 09/14/2000 Susan
Friday 09/15/2000 Randy
Saturday 09/16/2000 Lindsey
Sunday 09/17/2000 Susan
Monday 09/18/2000 Melody
Tuesday 09/19/2000 Christiane
Wednesday 09/20/2000 Symphony
Thursday 09/21/2000 Starflower
Friday 09/22/2000 Miko
Saturday 09/23/2000 Cleo
Sunday 09/24/2000 Alyx
Monday 09/25/2000 Dancing Star
Tuesday 09/26/2000 Dawn
Wednesday 09/27/2000 Josh
Thursday 09/28/2000 Ryan
Friday 09/29/2000 Mary Kay
Saturday 09/30/2000 Hallie
Sunday 10/01/2000 Paul

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